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This is a ship-inclusive, wank-free zone (apart from the good kind of wank). I'll happily squee over Destiel, Wincest, J2, Misha/anyone and every other ship imaginable with you, even the ones that aren't my thing. Any anti-shipping, ship-hate, kink-shaming or shipper hate will NOT be tolerated, just like wailing over 'problematic content/ships/kinks' for the sake of wank will get you booted and banned from this journal. This is not tumblr.

Age statement: I am so much over 18 that I am too old to remember exactly how much.

About me: | A03: lysanatt | DW: lysanatt | Tumblr: lysanatt | Twitter: lysanatt |

Nátt, Lýsa Nátt [li:ssa 'naʊftt] night, white night

Former semi-pro mtb-rider turned Theologian turned Icelandic horses-breeder turned English Literature lecturer turned fan studies scholar. It's a downhill road.

Fandom: I have a few fandoms I love. I'm picky. I favour snarky, intelligent, flawed characters with lives outside the normative. My preferred fandoms, characters and pairings are:

- Supernatural: Gabriel, Lucifer, Death, Crowley, Balthazar, Sam, Inias, Zachariah, the Impala, Linda Tran, Hannah (Sam/Lucifer, Crowley/Balthazar, Death/Dean and Sam/Lucifer/Gabriel, although I'll read almost anything slashy as long as it's well-written, from J2 to the rarest of pairings.)
- RPF: Jensen/Misha, Jensen/JDM
- Pokemon & Pokemon Go: Bonnie, Professor Sycamore, Meyer, Alain, Stephan, N, (Professor Sycamore/Meyer, Spark/Professor Willow, Professor Kukui/anyone male, Bonnie/Jessie).
- Leverage: Eliot, Sterling, Parker (Eliot/Sterling).
- Harry Potter: Severus, Moody, Percy, Lucius, Kingsley, Neville. (Severus/Lucius, Severus/Percy, Kingsley/Percy, Moody/Draco).
- Nitta Youka: Mochimune (Mochimune/Miyasaka, Masahiko/WMLM!Iwaki)

Communities I own:
[community profile] spn_weirdnews, an SPN rarepair newsletter (find us at Tumblr here).
[community profile] daily_deviant
[community profile] severuslucius - Severus/Lucius romance
[community profile] snucius100 - drabble community, currently on hiatus
[community profile] lucius_recs - Lucius news and recs, running from 2005-2007.

Current Projects:
The Theory of Silence and Storms II, Sam/Lucifer, Dean/Gabriel - editing
Debris, Cas/Sam AU - posting
[profile] spn_30snapshots - The Impala - in progress
Tweed (Percy/Severus) 5-10/10 - on hiatus

Friending policy: By all means go ahead. If you got real content in your journal, I'm most likely friending back. If you're just here for fic, you don't have to friend me--all my fics are public. They can be found at AO3 as well, if you need the eBook versions.

I love active LJ/DWers with opinions and things to say and fics and art to show. It's great to get to know new fans and friends. I am usually nice to people I like. I adore, cherish and protect people I love. If you hang around here long enough, you might find yourself amongst them.

Translation policy: Ask and you shall be granted. Steal, and I shall rip you a multitude of orifices. You won't like it.

Chair of the 2006 Patronus conference, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Interests (108):

1959 62 series cadillac, 1967 impala, 1968 mgb, akira norikazu, alastor moody, ancoats, arachnidae, aurors, azkaban, balthazar, britain, cadillacs, cas/dean, castiel, classic cars, cockles, cotton mills, crowley, crowley/balthazar, dean winchester, dean/castiel, death, destiel, dudley dursley, ee cummings, eliot spencer, eliot/sterling, ernest fenollosa, ezra pound, friedrich engels, gabriel, gabriel/sam, gishwhes, glbt, greyhounds, harry potter, henri gaudier-brzeska, hp rarepairs, imagism, industrialism, inspector lewis, j2, jacob epstein, japan, japonisme, jared/jensen, jimmy novak, kensington, kensington church walk, kingsley shacklebolt, kingsley/neville, kingsley/percy, kitasono katsue, kobe, kotobuki tarako, kurt vonnegut, leverage, lewis/hathaway, lex luthor, loki, lucius malfoy, lucius malfoy/severus snape, lucius/severus, lurchers, mad-eye moody, manchester, marcus flint, marcus flint/oliver wood, meyer/professor sycamore, michael rosenbaum, mills, misha collins, modernism, neville longbottom, norse mythology, oliver wood, percy weasley, pokemon, pokemon go, predrag bjelac, quidditch, richard speight jr, sabriel, salukis, sam winchester, sam/dean, sam/gabriel, sam/lucifer, severus snape, severus snape/percy weasley, severus/lucius, sighthounds, smallville, spark/professor willow, spiders, spn, supernatural, team free will, ted hughes, the ministry of magic, the trickster, top gear, vintage cars, vorticism, wallace stevens, william carlos williams, wincest, youka nitta
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